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Trusts and Foundations

Elma Global is mainly specialized in immigration and second citizenship for investment matters. Nevertheless, very often business immigration is very closely linked to tax planning and involves registration of offshore companies, and settling of trusts and private foundations.

For instance, if you immigrate to Quebec through investment options (CAD 800,000 zero-interest investment for 5 years or CAD 220,000 walk-away donation) you are eligible for tax incentives that can be realized only through incorporation of trust. Tax planning must be arranged before applying for permanent residence in Quebec. To benefit from five-year tax holiday, immigrants must transfer their assets to a foreign immigration trust. The foreign-source income earned by the trust is not taxable in Canada. This tax holiday may be up to five years, as of the date of residency in Canada. There is no restriction as to the type of assets that may be transferred to a trust. In order to maximize tax savings, the trust must be created before the date of residency in Canada.

Through its vast network of the best international corporate providers, experts of Elma Global are able to solve practically any problem provided the problem has a solution, of course. As a matter of fact we work with very many jurisdictions but at the same time we recommend our clients to use financial and tax-planning instruments incorporated in the countries listed below. In our view, the best jurisdictions for incorporation of offshore or low-tax companies are the following countries: Bahamas, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Dominica, Hong Kong, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Malta, Panama, Nevis, Seychelles, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. The best jurisdictions for incorporation of trusts are the following countries: Bahamas, Jersey, New Zealand, and Seychelles. The best countries for private foundations are the following jurisdictions: Austria, Liechtenstein, Netherlands Antilles, Panama, Seychelles, and Singapore.

Dear Clients, in case you are interested in incorporation of offshore company or in settling of trust of foundation, feel free and contact us today.

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