Citizenship by Investment in Grenada
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Citizenship by Investment in Grenada

Citizenship in Grenada
Citizenship by Investment Program in Grenada has been re-established by the Citizenship by Investment Act, No. 15 of 2013. The Law allows foreign investor to qualify for expedited naturalization as Grenadian citizens in two ways: real estate investment or official donation to the state-owned foundation. Strict due diligence procedure will apply. Citizenship applications will be processed within 60 days with a passport to be issued shortly afterward.

Investment options are as follows:

  1. Investment in an Approved Real Estate Project (Mount Cinnamon). The minimum threshold is USD 350,000. The investment is subject to a minimum holding period of four years. The investment does not include government processing fees, due diligence check and other costs in the total amount of USD 50,000. For every additional child (if the family consists of more than 4 members) the Government charges additional 25,000 USD.
  2. A non-refundable donation to the Island Transformation Fund. Unlike the first option, this option is not a direct citizenship-by-investment program, but is a two-step program. This process involves first obtaining Grenada Permanent Residence and then applying for naturalization as a second step. The required donation amount is USD 200,000.

Benefits of Being a Citizen of Grenada

  1. This is the fastest citizenship by investment program in the Caribbean. There is no requirement to visit Grenada in order to qualify for citizenship.
  2. The program is less expensive in comparison with other Caribbean programs.
  3. Citizenship of Grenada is available for investor and his close family members.
  4. The real estate should produce a modest annual income, and may be enjoyed by the investor along with friends and family, and will maintain or enhance its market value.
  5. Visa-free travel to many countries of the world, including Schengen Area (EU), United Kingdom, Ireland, China, and Singapore.
  6. Facilitated business immigration to the US (through E2 visa which is available for restricted list of countries including Grenada).
  7. Grenada has no income, wealth or inheritance taxes.
  8. Dual citizenship is allowed.
  9. Other benefits.

We cooperate with the best immigration lawyers in Grenada and we shall be happy to assist you in acquiring citizenship by investment in Grenada. If you have any questions contact us today.

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