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Citizenship by investment in Dominica

Citizenship by investment program of the Commonwealth of Dominica is a direct second citizenship program that allows foreign nationals obtaining second passport by official donation of a prescribed amount of investment. The program was established in 1991 (only cash donation route of citizenship by investment was available). In 2014, Dominica has approved a real estate investment as another option of getting citizenship. The processing time for citizenship applications currently ranges from 3 to 4 months. Investment options are as follows.

Advantages of being citizen of Dominica

  1. Visa-free travel to more than 144 countries and territories (as of January 2022).
  2. As a citizen of Dominica, you can relocate to Dominica or any other CARICOM-country at any time, and as a Commonwealth citizen, you will enjoy special rights and privileges in the United Kingdom and some other countries of the Commonwealth of Nations.
  3. Multiple and dual citizenship is recognized in the Commonwealth of Dominica. There is no need to renounce your previous citizenship and passport after becoming citizen of Dominica. Certain exceptions concern the citizens of those countries that prohibit dual citizenship (e.g., China, Denmark, India, Singapore, Japan, and some others). Interestingly enough, some Chinese people obtain citizenship and passport of Dominica without renouncing their citizenship. This is possible because the Government of Dominica does not report any country about its new citizens.
  4. No global taxation. You are not liable to taxation in Dominica on any income earned outside of Dominica except if you decide to reside in Dominica.
  5. You can use your new passport for banking purposes

Citizenship by Investment in Dominica: Cash Donation

Contribution of USD 100,000 entitles foreign investor to acquire second citizenship and passport in Dominica. Contribution USD 175,000 is applicable in case of husband and wife or in case of one applicant + two minor children. In case investor has a family up to four members (e.g., husband, wife, and two children under 18 years old) the required contribution is USD 200,000. For a child between 18 and 25 years old additional contribution USD 50,000 is required. The contribution is to be paid after pre-approval of the citizenship application (not in advance).

Citizenship by Investment in Dominica: Real Estate Investment

The main applicant (investor) must purchase real estate for a minimum of USD 200,000 in an approved development. There are three real estate projects in Dominica approved for citizenship-by-investment program: Range Developments (Kempinski Hotel), The Silver Beach Development, and Sunstone Incorporated – Tranquility Beach Dominica. Two or more main applicants may purchase one piece of real estate provided that each main applicant contributes the minimum investment of USD 200,000 towards the purchase. In addition to the minimum investment, the following fees (in USD) are also payable to the Government after approval: :
25,000 for the main applicant;
35,000 for the spouse of the main applicant;
35,000 for a family of up to four persons, including the main applicant and up to three dependents;
50,000 for a family of up to 6 persons, including the main applicant and up to five dependents;
70,000 for a family of 7 persons or more, including the main applicant and six or more dependents.

Other Citizenship by Investment Fees (in USD) – for Both of the Two Options

1. Due diligence fee: 7,500 for the main applicant, 7,500 for the spouse, and 4,000 for each additional applicant over the age sixteen (16).
2. Application fee – 3,000
3. Fee for certificate of naturalization – 750

The legal procedure of acquiring citizenship of Dominica does not require a mandatory interview (except some cases where interview may be required).

In our view, in terms of price quality, the citizenship by investment program of Dominica is currently the best program in the Caribbean.

About Dominica
Dominica, officially the Commonwealth of Dominica, is an island nation in the Lesser Antilles region of the Caribbean Sea. The Commonwealth of Dominica has a population of 71,293 (Census of 2011). The capital of the country is the city of Roseau. Official language is English (Dominica got independence from the United Kingdom on the 3rd of November 1978). Dominica’s economy is heavily dependent on tourism and agriculture. Dominica is a parliamentary democracy within the Commonwealth of Nations. Dominica is a full and participating member of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). Official currency is East Caribbean dollar (XCD).

Question regarding Dominica citizenship by Investment Program:

Question: Is the property in Dominica located in the approved projects (like in St. Kitts or Antigua)? Alternatively, can the applicant buy any property he likes? Moreover, for how long the property must be kept? For 5 years like in St. Kitts?
Answer: In Dominica, you should not resell property for at least three years after granting citizenship. Note however that the purchase must be in an approved development. There are currently three approved projects in Dominica: Range Developments (Kempinski Hotel), The Silver Beach Development, and Sunstone Incorporated – Tranquility Beach Dominica.

Question: Having read your summary on the Citizenship by investment program of the Commonwealth of Dominica, is there any way of reducing the processing time by further “Investment?”
Answer: Unfortunately, it is impossible to speed up the process by further investment. The processing time depends upon the number of applications that are currently in the queue. Moreover, due diligence also takes time and may vary from case to case. The average processing time for citizenship of Dominica is about 3 months that is fast without any fast-track.
Question: Secondly, regarding payment what needs to be actioned and what safe guards are in place if the application fails?
Answer: As to the investment/donation amount, the Dominica citizenship program it is organized in a guaranteed way. In case your citizenship application is refused, the contribution is not to be transferred to the governmental account. You transfer the funds only after “approval in principal” of your application. In case of refusal, you have the risk of losing due diligence fee and professional fee for preparation of application (both should be paid in full before the submission of application).

Question: We are not married (common law union) but have two children. Can we apply for citizenship by investment in Dominica in one application as a family if have common children?
Answer: The couple officially not married but having two common children cannot apply as a family for citizenship in Dominica. The couple must be married to apply together. If marriage is not considered, either parent can apply with the children.

Updated 24.01.2022

If you have any question regarding above-mentioned material or wish to use our legal assistance in obtaining second citizenship in Dominica, contact us today. When you send us an e-mail, please, indicate your citizenship, country of residence, and age of every family member to be included into application. We must have the age in order we could quote the fees and expenses applicable in your case.

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