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FAQ on St. Kitts Citizenship

In this article we shall Answer some Questions related to obtaining St. Kitts & Nevis citizenship. The main page with explanation of available investment options you may read here

Question: When should I make my investment?
Answer: You will be required to pay our legal fee together with non-refundable due diligence fee at the time we conclude an agreement. Due diligence fee will be paid to CIU at the time of submitting application. After the CIU has finalized their review, they will issue an Approved in Principal letter and then you will have 90 days to complete either The Sustainable Growth Fund donation or the property purchase.

Question: Do I have to travel to St. Kitts?
Answer: No, unless you wish to. Certificates of registration as a citizen and passports will be mailed to you by FedEx. Alternatively, you may travel to St. Kitts and collect them personally.

Question: We are interested in Saint-Kitts & Nevis citizenship program. Can our minor kids study in the UK after they obtain passport of Saint-Kitts?
Answer: As to the High Commission of St. Kitts & Nevis in London, nationals of St. Kitts and Nevis are allowed to study in the UK, once they have proof of unconditional acceptance from a UK academic institution and of financial wherewithal to pay for their studies and stay in the UK. Educational programs are out of “Elma Global” specialization. So, you may contact the UK Home Office on immigration procedures for the UK.

Question: Do they investigate the origin of the funds to be invested in Saint-Kitts?
Answer: Source of funds to be invested in Saint-Kitts must be of clear origin to the authorities of Saint-Kitts & Nevis. The application forms contain Questions regarding annual income and costs of assets of the applicants. In case there are doubts about the source of income that is invested additional documents must be provided to support application.

Question: Is it possible to invest through offshore structure?
Answer: Yes, it is possible to invest from some offshore structure that belongs to the client, not only from client’s personal account. But in case of investing through offshore company the company (or the relevant bank) must provide letter explaining relationship between the offshore structure and the client (e.g., beneficial owner, director, representative, etc.). Hope, this is crystal clear. Yes, they check the background of foreign investors.

Question: Can St. Kitts nationals (whose first citizenship is Ukrainian) be extradited to other countries, in particular, to Ukraine?
Answer: Citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis may be extradited to other countries if there is Treaty or legislation providing for such extradition. St Kitts has in place Extradition Treaties with the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. However, there is a Fugitive Offenders Act under which persons committing crimes in any Commonwealth Country may be extradited. The Fugitive Offenders Act is a piece of legislation that is passed and in force in all Commonwealth Countries. There is an extradition treaty between St. Kitts and Nevis and the United States and it covers any would be a crime in St. Kitts and Nevis and in the United States, and could attract a penalty of over 1-year imprisonment. There is Treaty on Extradition between St. Kitts and Ukraine.

Question: Is it possible to change a spelling in St. Kitts passport of a client? The current family name is Petrov (as in Russian passport). The client wants German spelling: Petroff. In Russian passport the spelling will be the same as it was: Petrov. If this is possible, please, let me know the fee, the procedure, and how long it will take.
Answer: As far as I understand, all the documents submitted to the Citizenship Unit were in the name Petrov. Unless there was an actual error on the passport spelling the unit will not approve the change the spelling unfortunately. We have had cases like this before and we got nowhere with it. Unless the client changes his name by deed poll in his country for which is other passport is issued and provides proof of the change of name in his official documents there like his Russian passport, they will not change his name in St. Kitts. This is being closely monitored here as the Government does not want persons having passports here in one name but legally using other names under different documentation in other jurisdictions. You can be sure that all other kind of information regarding the possibility of name change in St. Kitts documents without changing of name in the passport of country of origin is misleading.

Question: I am a Chinese citizen. Can I participate in the Saint-Kitts & Nevis citizenship program?
Answer: Yes, everybody can participate in the programs excluding citizens of Iran and Afghanistan. Saint-Kitts allows dual citizenship. But you should keep in mind that in China dual citizenship is not allowed. So, after becoming St. Kitts citizen you must renounce your Chinese citizenship.
Question: Does St. Kitts inform foreign countries (countries of applicant’s origin) about new citizens who obtain passports through Economic Citizenship Program?
Answer: No, the process is fully confidential.

Question: I am an Iranian national residing and doing business in Dubai. Can you assist me in obtaining citizenship-by-investment in Saint-Kitts & Nevis?
Answer: No, Iranians (irrespectively of where they live) are not accepted by Saint-Kitts government. We recommend you to consider the citizenship-by-investment program in Bulgaria.

Question: We are interested in citizenship of Saint-Kitts & Nevis. Can we apply using the Fund option? We just got married. Will this economic citizenship be transferable to our kids in the future?
Answer: It is a full citizenship and it is transferable to your kids. Moreover, it is transferable to your grandchildren (kids of your kids) without any additional investment. It will be citizenship by descent. Moreover, if you or any of your kids (holders of Saint-Kitts passport) decide to take up residence on the islands you may do so without restriction. The only restriction this citizenship has is the right to vote. Being abroad you cannot vote to elect officials in Saint-Kitts. In order to become eligible for voting you must take up residence in Saint-Kitts and reside there physically for two years. Only after that you may elect and be elected.

Question: I am a citizen of Germany and it could be that a tax problem will come up, if I live on your island St. Kitts (with a second passport), is there an extradition treaty with Germany so that I will deliver to Germany on any request.
Answer: There is no extradition treaty between Saint-Kitts and Germany. Saint-Kitts has extradition treaties with the UK, the USA, and with Canada. At the same time any crime in the country of the British Commonwealth is considered to be a crime in Saint-Kitts & Nevis (this is according to Fugitive Offenders Act). So, you will not be extradited to Germany. On the other hand, you cannot hold two citizenships. According to German legislation you will be expected to renounce your German citizenship after you get citizenship of Saint-Kitts.

Question: If have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor in the US, am I allowed to have dual US and St Kitts and Nevis citizenship?
Answer: If the imprisonment was more than 6 months and/or if the felony in
Question can be punished by more than 2 years of imprisonment, there is no chances to get St Kitts citizenship. If less, it is up to the government to decide but all such cases are considered on case-by-case basis and no guarantee of positive result can be given even if the legal opinion is positive. We need to know the details (what kind of felony and when) before give you a legal opinion.

If you have any Question regarding above-mentioned material or wish to use our legal assistance in obtaining citizenship, contact us today. When you send us an e-mail, please, indicate your citizenship, country of residence, and age of every family member to be included into application. Then we shall be able to calculate the fees and expenses applicable in your case.

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