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Questions on Multiple Citizenship

Question: Could you please help me regarding my citizenship? I am Brazilian born, with Portuguese citizenship. I am living in England for 5 years and qualify to apply for citizenship there also. Does UK government allow up to 3 citizenships? Or do I have to disclaim one of them?
Answer: You can have triple citizenship, no problem. All the three countries recognize multiple citizenship.

Question: I have a question regarding multiple citizenship. I was born in Russia and have moved to USA in my 20s. I have met my husband there who holds dual citizenship (French/ USA). We were married for 3 years now and starting next year or so I’m planning to apply for American citizenship. First, due to the conflict in Ukraine would it be possible for me to keep both Russian (at birth) and American (by marriage) citizenships? In addition, having in mind that my husband has dual (French/American) citizenship, does it let me the right to apply for a French citizenship? We have visited France recently and thinking of moving there for good. Is it easier to have only permanent resident status of both USA and France countries to be able to visit any time we want and to possibly avoid taxes? Or having green card in one country would automatically prevent me from getting a green card in another country?
Answer: There is no problem with having simultaneously three citizenships and passports. All the three countries (Russia, US, and France) allow dual citizenship in case you are not governmental official of high level, judge, or police officer. You can get French citizenship if you are married to French citizen for at least 1 year; no need of physical presence in the country as a condition to apply for citizenship in case of application by marriage.

Question: We are contacting you for assistance on a specific matter related to multiple citizenship. Apparently, a person who is born in US can apply and obtain the US citizenship. Our son got the US citizenship last April (at birth) while he also obtained the Russian citizenship from his parents. From the information we got, US allows dual citizenship, while a person who obtains the US citizenship at birth, can only lose it if he/she explicitly revokes it. Is this correct? If yes, do you see any obstacles for our son to obtain a third citizenship, the Cypriot citizenship?
Answer: There is no obstacle to obtain the third citizenship for him. Both the US and Cyprus allow dual citizenship. In Russia if you obtain another citizenship after you already have Russian citizenship it is allowed (or it is better to say not prohibited). But if you are a foreign national who obtain Russian citizenship not by birth then you must renounce all your previous citizenships. But this is not the case. Only in cases when the client is a government official or a judge or a police officer, etc, he cannot hold a dual citizenship in Russia. But I guess this arrangement is more or less similar in other countries.

Question: I am a citizen of the USA (was born here in 1984). I have strong ties to Croatia (grandfather parents on my dad’s side were born there) and France (grandmother’s parents on dad’s side were born there). I’m trying to find out if it is possible to obtain a triple citizenship. I have no intention to move to either of the other countries as the US is my primary residence. It’s more of I want to honor my heritage and family’s history. I am 3 generations down from each set of great grandparents and my son is 4 generations. I can also prove the familial lineage to each of the countries. I do intend to visit both countries one day to explore them and expand my familial lineage tree. I am not sure where to start as I am getting conflicting information from other sources on multiple citizenships.
Answer: In both the USA and France dual and multiple citizenship is allowed. In Croatia, double citizenship is not allowed. So, if you will choose to become a citizen of Croatia you will be expected to renounce all the other citizenships. Our company does not handle citizenship by decent cases. If you want French citizenship, you should look for a lawyer in France.

Question: I am writing this email in hope you’ll be able to help me out of my little confusion regarding dual citizenship. I’ve became Naturalized British Citizen today. I’ve done a bit of research online and I have to confess that I’m not any wiser because the information I found is confusing. In some sources they say that I can enjoy both: my new British and born-into Slovakian Citizenships. However, other sources say that by gaining a British citizenship I’m automatically losing my Slovakian one. I’m flying home to visit my family in less than two weeks. I don’t have enough time to apply for my British passport (I’d need to submit my Slovakian passport with the application) and get it back before I go. Therefore, I’m not quite sure where I stand. I don’t have enough time to get a British passport but if by getting British citizenships I’ve lost my Slovakian am I even able to travel to Slovakia on my Slovakian passport?! I’d truly appreciate your help.
Answer: Dual citizenship is recognized both in the UK and in Slovakia. You will have no problem if you travel to Bratislava with your Slovak passport.

Question: I had a question about applying for dual citizenship. My father is a Bahamian, and resides in Nassau, and my mother is Canadian, and we live in Canada. I researched, and discovered I automatically entitled to a citizenship, due to my father. I was wondering how I would go about applying. Is there a form, or somebody I have to get in contact with? Thank you
Answer: It seems that you are entitled for citizenship by descent. Child born legitimately in the territory of The Bahamas, at least one of whose parents is a citizen of The Bahamas. Child born abroad legitimately, whose father is a citizen of The Bahamas. At the same time, you should keep in mind that dual citizenship is not recognized in the Bahamas. Exception: Dual citizenship obtained due to birth abroad may be retained up to 21 years of age. Person then has 12 months to renounce foreign citizenship; otherwise, their Bahamian citizenship will be revoked. So, if you are over 21 years old you cannot keep both Canadian and Bahamian passports.

Question: I am a Ukrainian citizen. Does Ukraine recognize dual citizenship? My grandfather lived in Romania and was a Romanian citizenship. According to the Romanian Nationality Law I am entitled to acquire Romanian citizenship and passport through ancestry provisions of the Law. Will it be legal for me to hold two passports?
Answer: You can consult the official web-site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine here. Article Two of the Nationality Law says: “If a citizen of Ukraine acquires citizenship (nationality) of another state or states, then in legal relations with Ukraine he/she is recognized as the citizen of Ukraine only. If a foreigner acquires the citizenship of Ukraine, then in legal relations with Ukraine he/she is recognized as the citizen of Ukraine only.” This means that although Ukrainian Nationality Law does not recognize dual citizenship, it is legal to hold two or even more citizenships and passports for Ukrainian. If you are abroad (not on the territory of Ukraine) you can use your second passport for travel and other purposes.

Question: I am Russian citizen who already acquired Cyprus and St. Kitts citizenship. In the last few years, I had resided in Germany and is now looking at the possibility of German citizenship. Is it something with your scope of service please? If no, do you have any appropriate contact in Germany, please?
Answer: German citizenship is not a good option in your case because Germany does not allow dual citizenship. If you apply and if your application is approved, you will be asked to renounce all your current citizenships and passports (Russian, St. Kitts, and Cyprus) before getting German passport. Definitely, it does not make sense not only because you will lose money spent on St. Kitts and Cyprus applications but also because you can easily reside in Germany with Cyprus passport. As you know, Cyprus is a full EU country. You will only need to be registered in the local German police (residence registration for EU citizens who move to Germany for more than 90 days) which is a mere formality.

Question: I have a question regarding my citizenship, if you could help me, please? I am Brazilian born, with Italian citizenship. I am living in Ireland for 5 years and qualify to apply for citizenship there also. I have checked, and the Irish government allow up to 3 citizenships I believe? Can you please let me know if there will be issues with this application?
Answer: All the three countries allow dual and multiple citizenship without any restrictions. Should be no issue.

Question: I’m Spanish and my partner is English and we are both residents in Australia where we recently had a baby. Our baby is entitled to have all three citizenships and we were wondering if we could get all three passports for our baby (English, Spanish and Australian). We were under the impression these countries only allowed to have dual citizenship and not multiple so we thought we must choose two out of the three countries. That was before I came across an article where I found your email address. Then we thought we might be able to get all three, which would be ideal, but we wanted to make sure it’s legal before we go ahead with it.
Answer: The only problem may be with Spain (they recognize dual citizenship with Latin American states and with some other but not with all countries). Therefore, we recommend to contact Spanish embassy or consulate in Australia for clarifications. There is no problem with UK or Australia, both of them allow dual citizenship. And there is no difference between dual and multiple citizenship (dual is part of multiple, and if dual citizenship is allowed then multiple is also allowed).

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